Season 4 has come to a close and in the final episode, we crown a winner!  Thanks to Sean Lynch, Jeffrey Gurian, Amy Shanker, and Jim Mendrinos for being a kickass panel.


Panelist Amy Shanker discusses how babies are made:

Here’s Sean Lynch discussing actresses in Hollywood:

Here’s Jim Mendrinos talking about anchorman saying, “fuck.”:

Here’s master panelist Jeffrey Gurian talking about chivalry.

This is the last episode before the voting takes place!  Sal talks about being a construction worker and Sarah dishes out on how she’s quick to cry.

Here, we have Andrew Vu and Jennifer Gable respectively talking about racist grandparents and dating.


NK talks about dating and Michael Lancer talks about life in marketing.

Here is DJ Doke talking about drugs and Kandace Saunders discussing how social media sounds silly.

Here is JJ Mattise talking about buying plan B and not getting knocked up by an aspiring rapper.


Duanne Williams and Ann Walker want the panel to push them to final consideration.  Do they earn it?


Rhonda Hansome is all by her lonesome in this episode.  Does she shoulder the load well or cave in front of the panel?

Reid Clark does a musical comedy act.  Thomas Liquori talks about being stuck at family BBQs.  Madness ensues…



Clay Miles is an outlaw and he’s gonna tell you why, on the next episode of Comics Watching Comics

Season 4 has started off with a bang so we’re moving right along with the latest episode, starring Gerard Haran and Molly Horan

Season 4 begins…now!

Are you ready for season 4?  Well, the trailer is here!

Ray Vazquez and Dave Durkin round out episode 3.  We also select the winner who will appear on the Comics Watching Comics showcase


We have our first split panel!  Check out Rob Santos and Kathy Arnold face the panel in the latest episode:


I don’t give a shit if the Trump golden showers story is true, I just care that you watch the newest segment with Phillip O’Reilly and Dan Howlett!



We have Tara Cannistraci and Glenn Cohen telling jokes:



Hope you had a great Xmas, Hannukah, Boxing Day, whatever.  How about a late present?  Well, here is the newest episode with Bob Kitson and Brian Rabadeau



Episode 3 part 7 with Big Kev Mason and Eli Lebowicz  Again, thanks for your ongoing support and if you like it, share it.


Episode 3 part 6 with Craig Mclaughlin and Rishi Mathur


Episode 3 part 5 with Fumi Abe and Mindy Matijasevic


Episode 3 part 4 with David Hoj and Geoffrey K


Natty Bumpercar did an “answer back” video for the panel’s opinion of him.  Check it out, it’s beyond original!


Episode 3 part 3 with Laura High and Billy Procida


Episode 3, part 2 with Natty Bumpercar and Ron Barba



Episode 3, part 1 with Michelle Conrad and Chris Crespo


Episode 2 in its entirety:


Here’s Kevin on Sirius XM Raw Dog 99

Hear Kevin on the Bennington Show on Sirius Raw Dog and go to the 17:50 mark to hear him!


Episode 2 part 12 (Matt Lajeskie, Lawrence Deloach, and Mike Kerrigan)

Episode 2 part 11 (Mo Vida and Peter K)


Episode 2 part 10 (Ken Perlstein and Tony Brooklyn)


Episode 2 part 9 (Jose Carrasquillo and Anthony Crescenzo)


Episode 2 part 8 (Phil From Chico and L Michelle)


Episode 2 part 7 (Neko White and Jeff Young)


Episode 2, part 6 (Anthony Ennis and we vote on our winner!)


Episode 2, part 5 (Adam Foster and Misha Han)


Episode 2, part 4 (Will Carrey and Pamela Rae)


Episode 2, part 3

Episode 2, part 2

Episode 2, part 1


Reading Daddy’s fan/hate mail


Episode 1, part 5

Bonus footage 4 from episode 1


Bonus footage 3 from episode 1.


Bonus footage 2 from Episode 1

The boss’s daughter reads the hate/fan mail for the show.


Bonus footage of episode 1




Episode 1, part 2 of Comics Watching Comics




Episode 1, Part 1 of Comics Watching Comics!




sizzle reel

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