The panel selects their winner for season 8
David Reese
Daniel Ahrens
Kathleen DeMarle
Davine Ker
Neil Rubenstein
Michael Anthony Scott
Madelein Smith
Bharath Balasubramanian
Caitlin Reese
Michelle Tomko
James King
Domo Jones
Bryan Villone
Danny Rolando
Matt Levy
Remo Milz
Justin Orgel
Gianmarco Soresi
Beverly Cleare
Zach Petrovich
Dee Watson
John Ovalles

Season 7 Contestants

Tim Warner
John Sweeny
Sal LoPizzo
RA Bartlett
Caitlyn Arcand
Glen Tickle
Tony Brooklyn
Henry Epstein
Sandy Bernstein
Mike Kramer
Ibrahim Khalif
Phillip Anthony
Kandyce August
Purohit Prathaviraj
Think Floyd
Tom Paciaffi
Natasa Warasch
Linette Palladino
Cliff Mula
Comedian Muffy
Jay Sutay
Jeffrey Gurian, Richie Redding, Sean Lynch, Geno Bisconte, and Kevin Gootee
Vinnie Beedle
Kevin and Shuli Egar
Master Panelist Eddie Brill.
Shuli Egar, panelist for season 8.
Liz Miele, season 8 panelist.
Kevin and Mike Bochetti.
Season 8 Panel!
Your official panel for season 8!
The lovable Mike Bochetti.
Kevin and Eddie Brill

Kevin and Liz.
Yet another panel shot
Kevin and Liz, yucking it up
Season 6 now streaming on Amazon Prime! The panel from left to right:
Carole Montgomery, Gina Brillon, Jason Scoop, and host/creator Kevin Gootee.
Season 5 panel (Coming Winter 2018)  from left to right:
Master Panelist Jeffrey Gurian, Geno Bisconte, Mark DeMayo, Mark Riccadonna, and creator/host Kevin Gootee.
Season 4 panel from left to right:
Master Panelist Jeffrey Gurian, Jim Mendrinos, Amy Shanker, Sean Lynch, and host/creator Kevin Gootee.
Season 3 panel from left to right-
Panelists Richie Redding, Ray Gootz, Mike Gaffney, and host/creator Kevin Gootee
Season 2 panel from left to right-
Cyrus McQueen, Mike Recine, Brian Jian, and host/creator Kevin Gootee
Season 1 panel from left to right-
John Moses, Jimmy Failla, Leah Bonnema, and creator/host Kevin Gootee

Comics Watching Comics Showcase 11/17 Gotham Comedy Club

Your redemption winner, Ray Vazquez!
Sean Lynch strongly finishing up the show!
Mr. Ireland and season 4 panelist, Sean Lynch
Closing out the show is…Ralphie from Christmas Story? No, it’s Sean Lynch!
Does Jose Vega have the best minute to win redemption?
Redemption seeker #2 Sal Coladonato.
Redemption seeker #1 Ray Vazquez.
Kaitlyn Murphy regales us of drunken days of yore.
Kaitlyn Murphy is the babysitter to a boy who is going to be a closer when he gets older.
Kaitlyn Murphy, semi-finalist for season 5.
John Tansey at the helm.
Redemption seeker #3, Jose Vega
Did Kaitlyn Murphy win the lottery in this picture?
Jeffrey Gurian #3
Jeffrey Gurian #2
The Master Panelist, Jeffrey Gurian.
More of Rob Santos doing the Statue of Liberty.
The many faces of Rob Santos, winner of season 3.
Rob Santos doing the Statue of Liberty
Joan Weisblatt, winner of season 2!
Semi-finalist from season 6, Mike Keegan
Point of order, your honor!-Jim Mendrinos.
First comic of the night, Jim Mendrinos.
Mike Keegan says he’s been mistaken for NJ governor, Chris Christie.
Joan Weisblatt, former lawyer.
Joan loves when anyone, including telemarketers call her…only when her phone is on vibrate and NOT in her purse.
Season 4 winner, Reid Clark, acting out being tasered.
Reid Clark just enjoying the shit out of the well-deserved limelight.
Reid Clark from afar
The CEO doing a little time in between.
Season 4 panelist, Jim Mendrinos, telling us what to expect from news anchors at the end of the world.
The infamous poop espresso story.
Mark showing us how turtles have sex.
Season 4 panelist, Mark Riccadonna.

CEO/host/creator Kevin Gootee takes the stage and hosting duties.
The CEO warms up the crowd.
Consigliere Ron Barba firing up the crowd.
Ron Barba, consigliere extraordinaire, greets the crowd.
Right before showtime.

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A comedy/reality game show where intermediate comics perform to win a spot at a top club in NYC. A panel of more tenured comics selects the winning comedian but the home audience votes to bring their favorite panelist back to the next show.