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From left to right-
Master Panelist Jeffrey Gurian, Geno Bisconte, Mark DeMayo, Mark Riccadonna, and creator/host Kevin Gootee


Ok, the moment maybe 40 of you have been waiting for…the casting notice for Comics Watching Comics Episodes 7 and 8. Want to be a part of it? Send a tape to and I ask the audio needs to be high quality so I can hear what you’re saying.

The requirements:
You MUST have been CONSISTENTLY doing comedy for at LEAST 3 years. Remember, the show is for intermediate comics, not newbies. This is to make sure you have enough experience under your belt I don’t want the panel crushing your hopes and dreams if you’re a only a year or so in if you have a bad spot.  It’s better to do it later than too early.

You have to be available on 3/3 to tape in NYC at 10am. No, I will not be reimbursing you for expenses getting to NYC.  No, I can’t change the time for you. Yes, I know it’s early but we have to be done by 5 and believe me, this takes longer to film than you think. Yes, there are plans to do this in other cities but not quite yet. And most importantly: YES, EVERYONE WHO IS INVITED TO THE TAPING WILL BE ON AMAZON VIDEO.

You have to stay for the ENTIRE taping. I need a full audience at all times for continuity and should you think you’re going to duck out, I’ll cut you out of the episode.  I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. I’ll have a break at the midway point for some snacks.

Can I bring guests?  Sure!  It’s going to be a $5 cover and a 2 drink minimum for them.  Just give me a heads up how many.

Lastly, if you haven’t seen any episodes yet, make sure you watch several before applying. If you have Amazon Prime, you can see seasons 1-4 on there right now.  If not, you’ll just have to check out the trailers to get an idea. This way, you know what you’re getting into.

Again, send me a link to your video ( The submission window is open from now until 2/15  so I can give the out of town people enough time to make travel reservations. Thanks again for watching and supporting the show.

Wow!  What a show we had on 11/18 and we can’t wait for you to see the show on Amazon Video.  Here are some photos from the event:

T-Shirts are in!!  Contact me through the site how to get one.  Sizes are S-XL

Group shot of the panel L-R: Jeffrey Gurian, Geno Bisconte, Mark DeMayo, Mark Ricadonna, and host Kevin Gootee

Let’s meet the panelists for episode 5, NOW ON AMAZON VIDEO!


Kevin Gootee-The host, creator, producer, director, and craft services manager for the show.  Also heard on the Adam Carolla podcast and Sirius XM


Jeffrey Gurian-Comedy LEGEND that wrote for Rodney Dangerfield, Andrew Dice Clay, and Robin Williams to name a few.  You’ve heard him on the Bennington show on Sirius XM and he just wrote a new book, “Laughing Legends: How the Comic Strip Changed the Face of Comedy.”

Mark Demayo- Creator and star of his one man show, “20 and Out.”  Also, featured in the Cablevision commercial, “The Unvmovers.”

Mark Ricadonna-Contributor for SNL’s, “Weekend Update.”  Also was on, “The Jamie Kennedy Experiment” and has done several USO tours in countries across the world.

Geno Bisconte-Star of the show, “In Hot Water” on the Cumia network.  Also has an album, “This Isn’t What I Do For Fun.”

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